We bought a Pop-Up!




We purchased a 2002 Starcraft 2106L pop up camper.  This is our very first camper that we have ever owned.  We normally camp with my parents in their 32′ long travel trailer.  However, we wanted something light enough that we could pull with our mini van and go whenever we felt like it.

We had recently started looking and everything used in our price range was either selling really quickly, we had two sell out from under our feet, or are in pretty rough shape.  We actually were planning on remodeling whatever we found, but we wanted to make sure that the roof, floor and canvas were in good shape.

This beauty came along and we jumped on it. The first night we had it I pulled down all the curtains and took off all the cushion covers.  The curtain valance hanging at the top of these pictures below is also gone now.  I just needed to get my hands on it and start the remodel process.

I knew right away that I was going to make new curtains and cushion covers.  We just needed to decide on a color palette that we wanted to work with.  I am huge fan of whites and grays.  My whole entire house is this palette minus my office which is painted a light peachy pink, very out of character for me.  We chose this palette that I found on Pinterest, which has become my new best friend.  I love the calmness of these colors and nothing is too harsh.  The outside of the camper is a darker blue color so these will go nicely.  D36CAB6E-DE09-4A58-A02C-2C9CA1B97A0E_1_105_c


Right now the plan is to repaint the cabinets, change out the hardware on them, the floor is also going to get re-done in vinyl that looks like wood and possibly the countertops.  I am also dreaming up a removable backsplash for the sink area.  We don’t have a lot of storage so that will be something we need to think about too.

It is so fun to work on a project like this and really make it our own.  I plan on sharing more about how we remodel our camper and the costs.  I hope that you follow along and enjoy seeing the behind the scenes action.

I am so excited for our new chapter of camping and travel.

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