Weight Loss Wednesday – One Month Check In

It’s time for a long overdue check in.  I’m a little over a month in on my weight loss journey and I am currently down 13 pounds.  I have been tracking about 96% of my meals and exercising almost 6 days a week.  There have been a few things that came up that caused me not to track my meals, Thomas’s 1st birthday party, hello ice cream cake, and my brother’s birthday.  On both of those occasions I made sure that I hit the gym knowing that I was going to splurge on food a little.  I try to set myself up for success when it comes to eating “non” diet foods.

In the case of Thomas’s party, that meant getting up at 5am on a Sunday, of course this is when he decides to sleep through the night. I went and worked out and came home with energy for his party and knowing that I just worked really hard so not to completely blow it all on food.  That is the one great thing about working out in the morning.  It really sets your day up for success.  You know that you just busted your ass, got up earlier than normal to go, and so now you will want to make really good food choices to maximize your efforts.

Right now in the season that I am in early workouts are impossible, unless I want to get up at 2am!  Mate gets up for work at 3:30am, so for now I go when he gets home which is around 3:30pm.  It works well for us and the gym isn’t to crowded at that time.  We are able to eat dinner together which is really important.

My current eating schedule looks like this:

8am  – Coffee with milk and creamer

9am ish – Slim Fast

12/12:30pm – sometimes this time will vary if Thomas is napping late.  I have a lunch of a Slim Fast, 10 baby carrots, a hard boiled egg white, and some popcorn.

Dinner time varies depending on when I got to the gym.  My dinner is a salad with veggies, a Smart One or Lean Cuisine meal.  These really help me with portion control and are super simple to point out, which is what I need right now.  Eventually these will go away.  I will also throw in a light string cheese and a sandwich thin.  They are super yummy and a great bread alternative.

Typically with Slim Fast you are just having a shake for breakfast and one for lunch and a sensible dinner with three low calorie snacks in between each meal.  I choose to just eat something with my lunch shake as by that time I need to chew some food.

Later on in the evening I might crave something sweet, so I have a Jell-O sugar free 60 calorie dark chocolate pudding with some mini chocolate chips or a light and fit yogurt with the chocolate chips.  This is my food in a nutshell.  I can go more in depth and share point values for things if that is something you are interested in, just let me know.

As far as exercising goes, I joined Planet Fitness and have been doing the same routine since I started.  It is actually the same routine that I did the last time I went there and lost all the weight.  I walk on the treadmill for 16 minutes, starting at a speed of 3.2 and ending with a speed of 3.8 going up by .2 every four minutes.  Then I do the 30 minute work out area.  If you aren’t familiar with that it is weight machines that you do for 60 seconds, then a 30 second rest, then an aerobic step for 60 seconds, 30 second rest, and another weight machine and it so on.  I end with a 5 mile bike ride.  I really like this routine and it seems to be working.  Plus I think it is a good variety and goes quick so I don’t get bored.

There are two times that I have gone and it has been really busy.  Those times I just walked on the treadmill for the hour.  Side note: I don’t recommend watching the Rachel Hollis Made for More documentary while walking.  I had tears in my eyes a few times and I had to keep them from rolling down my face.  I am gone a little over an hour each day and it is just what I need.

I am trying to keep Sundays as my day off since that is our family day.  It also keeps me super accountable because I know that weigh in day is the next day.  I am still weighing myself each day, it is just what works for me and I try to do it around the same time so that it is accurate.

I plan on doing a post soon on motivation in the next few weeks.  Believe me there are days where my motivation is zero and Mate has to push me out the door.  However, once I go and get going I’m never sorry that I went.  Even when I’m there sometimes I will tell myself ok we don’t do the bike or I’ll think to cut something short, but guess what I never do.  If I’m there, I am going to do it all.

So to wrap things up, my goal for February was to lose 10 pounds.  I lost 11, so I was really proud of myself.  For March I set an 8 pound goal.  I know at the beginning the weight comes off a little easier, so by setting a smaller goal I feel like I am setting myself up for success.  Which is really what this is all about, successfully losing the weight and then keeping it off.

Those of you that are on a weight loss journey too, how are you doing?  It’s ok if you didn’t hit your goal for the month, just keep going.  Keep working towards your goal, some progress is better than no progress.  If you quick that it will be just be another time that you gave up because things weren’t working out.  Sometimes you need to push through the wall to get through to the other side.  I know that one of these weeks I will hit a wall too, but I have to keep my eye on the prize, a better healthier ME!

Next week I am going to talk about my reward system.  It is a great way for me to want to stay on track and keep going.

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