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I’m so upset with myself.  The last post I wrote was all about my weight loss journey that I was about to start on.  I sure can talk the talk can’t I.  Well I sure didn’t walk the walk! I failed…miserably, since August I have done nothing to help myself only continued on the path that I had been.  That changes now.

My initial plan was to be like most people and start January 1st.  We were going to be on vacation yet in Hungary so that didn’t make sense.  Then the plan was to start when we got home, January 14.  Jet lag, Thomas getting croup, having a hospital stay and my Grandpa passing away made for a rough first week back home.  I just was trying to make it through each day.

I am happy to report though that since Tuesday this week, I have been changing the way I eat.  I also joined a gym.  I haven’t gone yet thanks to Wisconsin’s polar vortex.  It was -51 with the wind chill, so not ideal conditions for leaving the house for a few days.  That will change, I have my first workout scheduled for Monday.  I also enlisted the help of my future sister-in-law to keep me accountable.  Hey, Theresa thanks for agreeing to this!

I set up a journal for me to keep track of my weigh ins, workouts, and food consumption each day.  Originally I was going to keep them all in one place, but I have the food in a separate journal that I keep in the kitchen along with my points calculator.  So far it’s working well.

I set up three trackers in my journal.  The first one for entering my weight everyday.  This works for me, I know that people say you shouldn’t do this but I like to see where I am at.  My “official” weigh in days are Mondays.  I covered up my weigh in amounts as I am not quite ready to share that number with the world.


My second tracker is to color in the amount of pounds that I have lost each week.  I am going cumulative so for example if this week I loose two pounds then I get to color in the boxes with #1 and #2 in them.  Next week if I lose two more pounds then #3 and #4 will be colore, etc.  I think it will be a nice visual to see how far I have made it.


The third and final one is a weight loss reward tracker.  I chose to do this in 5 pound increments.  I think going with smaller amounts of weight to get a reward will help keep me motivated.   I still have to fill out some of the rewards, but it isn’t easy to come up with non-food related rewards.  I did put Starbucks on there because that coffee is the same amount of points as the one I have at home.  If you have any good reward suggestions please let me know.


Then I created a few pages to help keep me motivated and accountable.  I wrote out a reason why statement as to why I am wanting to lose weight.  On hard days I can read this and remember why I am doing this.  I included a picture of Thomas and Máté too, I am doing this for me but also for them.


A page full of motivational quotes that I pulled from Pinterest is always a must in my books.  Somedays you just need a gentle reminder.


My last weight loss journey spread in my journal is a tracker from  This is an overview of the whole year and each time I exercise I am going to color in a circle.  So I guess this technically is tracker number four.


The opposite page is a before and after spread.  My sister-in-law took a picture of me playing with Thomas one night and I couldn’t believe how I looked.  That photo right there was really the one that pushed me over the edge.


It was a photo that pushed me over the edge the last time that I needed to lose weight badly.  Pictures are funny that way.  I think at least for me sometimes I have this idea of what I look like in my head and then when I actually see myself it is shocking.  Not anymore though. I’m in it to win it, and because I really want to go on that romantic getaway when I hit my 50 pound goal!

My plan is to do a weekly check-in, either Saturdays or Sundays.  If you are like me and set out with good intentions and then fell flat, now is the time to get back up and try it again.  I am right here with you.  We got this, and we can do this!  Who says that January 1st is the ultimate start date.  I think anytime is the right time.




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