Thomas Month 1

Dear Thomas,

You have only been here for a month, but it seems like you have always been here.  One of your Apa’s friends told him that it was so neat to think how when you were born you were the newest thing in the whole world.  I never really thought about it like that.  I think about that a lot though now.  Everything you are experiencing is brand new for you.  I know you aren’t going to remember any of it now, but I am doing my best to document it for you.  In your first month of life you have done and been through a lot.  You spent 18 days living in the hospital learning how to eat and having your blood sugar monitored.  Once you figured out how to eat, there was no stopping you.  We were so excited too when they could finally stop poking you to check your blood sugar.  Although you took those pokes like a champ.  You got so angry when they had to squeeze your foot to get the drop of blood they needed. The actual poke you could have cared less about.  You are so strong already.

You had so many firsts at the hospital, I was sad that we didn’t get to experience them at home. I knew though that you were in the best possible place and that I didn’t want to have to bring you back after getting to take you home.  Leaving you each night was by far the hardest thing I have ever done.  I cried almost all the way home each night.  The day we got to bring you home was the best day EVER!! (after you being born of course)

Your firsts:

  • January 11th – first time wearing clothes
  • January 13th – first sponge bath, first time in a crib (before this you were in a warming bed
  • January 14th – first shot, not the drink kind either 🙂
  • January 21st – first time outside of your room, we got to unplug your monitors and walk you in the hallway
  • January 24th – first time in an elevator
  • January 25th – first Momma and Thomas sleepover
  • January 26th – first Momma, Apa, and Thomas sleepover
  • January 27th – first car ride, first time outside, first time in your swing, first night at home
  • January 28th – first bath at home
  • January 29th – first pediatrician appointment
  • February 2nd – first mirror selfie, I took them every week when you were still in my tummy.
  • February 4th – first time you pooped in Apa’s hand.  We were getting you in the tub, but you had other plans!
  • February 8th – first babysitter, Grandpa
  • February 9th – first time going to Grandpa & Grandma’s house

These are just some of your firsts, but it has been so special being apart of them.

Things you are loving:

  • Snuggling, you can’t get enough of it and neither can we.  Sometimes we snuggle all day.
  • Being in your swing.  I was worried that you might not like it.  You do go through periods where you don’t like it, but you always come back to liking it.
  • Your Grandpa.  There is something special between you two.
  • Bath time.  You were not a fan of the sponge bath, but now that you can be in the tub your love it.  Especially the hair washing.

Thing you don’t love:

  • Getting out of the tub.
  • Having your temperature taken in your armpit.

You are also starting to wake up on your own for feeding and stay awake after.  We are getting to see more and more of those pretty blue eyes of yours.  They remind me a lot of Apa’s.  No doubt you will be a heart breaker like him.

You had several visitors this month.  Meeting all of your family and friends that couldn’t wait for you to arrive.  Since we are in the middle of flu season everyone has be to super healthy or they can’t come.  No getting you sick!

I am wondering what your second month is going to look like.  I am excited to find out.

Thomas, I can’t image my life without you.  I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Momma

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