Welcome back to Way We Go.  I am doing some spring cleaning around here and dusting off the cobwebs of my site.  I am really ready to dive in and make this a fun space on my corner of the internet.  I’m hoping to make this a place where I talk about my love of being a stay at home Mom, being a Mom to a child with a genetic disorder, how after 33 years I am finally learning how to cook, my love of documenting my life by journaling everyday, and anything and everything in between.

If you are new to my site, let me start off by introducing myself.   Hi I am Sarah.

EVxAF%xgT6qyFtXFUq0jiAI am married to Máté  and we have one son named Thomas.  I just recently became a stay at home, and it is by far the best job in the world.  Before becoming a stay at home Mom I worked at the same place for 11 years in inside sales.  I’m so lucky that Máté goes to work everyday so that I can stay home with Thomas.

Here is a little background on Máté.

XXysXOB+QXCktU0YZkC5CQHe is from Hungary, hello cute guy with an accent!  Girl did good!!  We met when we were 15 and 16 years old and you could say that we are high school sweethearts.  If you want to know even more check out this post: Hello World!  In addition to working his full time job, he also designs and makes lights fixtures.  You can see his work on his website: Handcrafted by Logaholic  He is truly the best husband and Apa (Hungarian for Dad) to our son.  I don’t think that you truly know your spouse until you go through life altering events.  Ours happened to be IVF and having a baby.  My husband did things for me that no husband should have to do, but that’s a story for another day.

Máté ‘s whole family is still in Hungary, but they are coming to visit the States this summer.  It will be his parent’s first visit.  I am so excited to show them around.  It will the first time that they will be meeting Thomas in person.  Cue all the tears, not that I really need a reason to cry.  I pretty much do it all the time, but I digress. Máté  grew up in a the same house that his Mom grew up.  How cool is that!  He also lived with his grandparents his whole life until he moved to the States to be with me.

Máté  and I are very family orientated and they mean so much to us.  I honestly don’t know what we would do without them.  Both sides are helping make my stay at home Mom dream come true.

Now on to the super cute one, Thomas.

HKdce90cSZWgmBxuAonyDwThomas came into our lives in dramatic fashion and I think we would have it no other way.  Before he was born Doctor’s believed that he had Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome or BWS for short.  A genetic test confirmed this after he was born.  BWS is quickly summed up as an overgrowth syndrome.  It is of course more complex than that but for now I am going to leave it at that.  I plan on doing a whole series of posts about this and Thomas’s progress.  Thomas was born 6 weeks early, but weighed over 9 pounds.  There are several features that can present with BWS and thankfully the ones that Thomas has as of right now are not severe.  The one that everyone seems to comment on is his tongue.  Oh how I love that cute tongue.  Most children with BWS present with macroglossia, which means an enlarged tongue.  Thomas does really well with his and as of now doesn’t need corrective surgery for it.  He is going to be four months soon and is the light of our lives.  After struggling so long to have him I am constantly saying to Máté , “We have a baby, do you believe it?”

Well I think I rambled long enough. I really do enjoy documenting our everyday life so much I thought I really needed to get this blog rolling again.  I want this to be a place for all of the things I mentioned above, but I also a place I can look back and see the journey of where we have been.  If you want to be apart of that journey, sit back relax because a-way we go!

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