Thomas’s Birth Story


On January 6th I was admitted to the hospital with some shortness of breath and high blood pressure.  The plan was to stay in the hospital until I reached 36 weeks or my blood pressure couldn’t be managed.  Well I made it all of a day and half.  (I had a previous hospital visit already so I had been already given the injection for Thomas’s lungs.)  My blood pressure just kept on rising even though they were giving me meds.  At one point during labor it was 190/110!  Thomas of course was just perfect on the monitors.  I was given the foley balloon which I had in for 12 hours and it only got me dilated to 3cm.  I was then given pitocin.  I had to be given an epidural twice as they kept wearing off, they thought it had to do with how swollen that I was.  Thanks pre-eclampsia!  After laboring for almost two days and only making it 8cm it was finally decided that I had to have a c-section.  My whole family was very worried about this because the anesthesiologist said she was nervous about putting me completely out because she didn’t know who bad that I was swollen internally.  Before they wheeled me from my room to the OR my family took turns saying good-bye to me, everyone was crying and to me they were acting like I was dying.  As I was being wheeled out I yelled in true Sarah fashion, ” Everyone calm your tits!”  Everyone bursted out laughing and my Mom said, ” That’s our Sarah!”  I had asked my Mom to be in the room with us because I knew that Máté  and I could use the extra support and boy was I right.  She was a rockstar, my hip hurt so bad and I’m pretty sure she stood for hours rubbing my hip, only stopping for a few minutes to go to the bathroom.  My Dad and brother ended up also being there.  My room had a little alcove so they mostly hung out in there.  Later on my Dad told me that my brother told him he was glad that he wasn’t a girl.  To which my Dad replied I don’t think your sister wants to be one right now either.  Oh Dad!  Once I got to the OR they tried to do a spinal, but after giving me all the allotted medicine I could still feel my legs.  So I had to be knocked out.  Poor Máté came in the OR thinking he was going to get to stay with me only to come in kiss me and get kicked out.  Since I was knocked out the rest of Thomas’s birth story is a combination of Máté’s  memory and my Mom’s memory.  The one thing I do remember before they knocked me out was looking up at the OR lights and thinking, ” God please let me wake up.  My little boy needs his Momma.”

Now according to Máté  and my Mom.

Máté  went back to my room where everyone was waiting.  He let them know that they had no choice but to put me out.  Everyone was very nervous and pacing a lot!  A nurse came in to get him and took him back to the OR.  He said that there was a small window and he could see me on the table with my eyes taped shut, a tube down my throat, and lots of blood and he started to cry.  The small baby bed in the corner had lights going on and off.  He thought something was wrong, and then someone came and just shut the whole thing off.  Then he really thought something was wrong, but then he saw another cart moving towards him with Thomas in it.  On the way down to the NICU they asked him if the baby had a name, but all he could do was nod yes.  He was at a loss for words.  Once in the NICU they hooked Thomas up to machines and said his oxygen was good.  His lungs were a big concern for us since he was born at 34 weeks 4 days.  They weighed him and he was 9 pounds 12 ounces.  This is due to his Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome.  After staying with Thomas for a little while Máté  ran back to my room.  I truly believe that he actually did run.  When he got there I wasn’t back in my room yet.  I finally did come back, but then it took awhile for people to be let in.  When he was able to come in he told me that I did awesome and that he loved me.  After every procedure that I ever had to help us have a baby when I came to, he always told me this.  I was in a lot of pain as they hadn’t gotten my pain meds figured out, plus they were pushing on my stomach.  (I am cringing just writing that!)  I wasn’t really saying much but Máté  showed me videos of Thomas that he took.  Since my blood pressure was high I wasn’t allowed to leave my room for 24 hours.  Which meant I couldn’t go and see Thomas.  Talk about heartbreak like I have never experienced before.  I had Thomas on January 9th at 8:51pm, and I wasn’t able to see him until January 10th at 11pm.  I kept sending my Mom and Máté down to the NICU so that I could see him via FaceTime.  Thank heavens for modern technology.  I was so tired though that I kept falling asleep while I was watching.  They would say Sarah you are falling asleep to which I would lift my head and say, “No I’m not.”  Poor Máté , I had that man running between our rooms.  He deserves something really great for how he was during all of this.  That guy did things for me that no husband should ever have to do.  I don’t know how or why God chose to put us together but I’m so glad he did.

This is obviously the cliff note version of Thomas’s birth but it gives you an idea of how things went.  The only thing that I would change is that we would have gotten to see Thomas together after he was born.  Oh, I should add that no one was allowed to hold Thomas until I got to first.  I’m not sure if that is a hospital rule or not but it made me both happy and sad.  Happy that I got to be the first one, but sad that for over 24 hours he wasn’t held by people that love him most.  Thomas spent 19 days in the NICU, I will do another post about that experience.  This is it for now, time to go snuggle my boy.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Congrats to you on your baby boy. He’s beautiful. I’m so happy you beat infertility. I’m hoping the same for me one day. I’ ve went through 5 transfers and I’ve never been pregnant. The last 2 transfers were pgs tested and still no luck. . Its just so hard to decide if I want to go through another egg retrieval. I’m always going to have that fear if it doesn’t work again. When you have a moment can you please tell me what doctor you had at Advanced Fertility? I heard great things about this clinic and I’m still trying to decide if we should change clinics again. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Godbless you and your family

    Thanks so much


    1. skramlik says:

      Thank you so much for the comment. I know the fear you are talking about all too well. Thomas was our 7th embryo and I had told myself that if this one didn’t work that was going to be it. I couldn’t go through another loss. We had Dr. Sherbohn at AFCC. He is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. I wish we would have switched clinics and gone to see him sooner instead of staying where we were. There are so many things that I would have chosen to do differently if I could go back in time, but that is something that we can’t do. The thing that I loved about Dr. Sherbohn was that he was honest and basically told us that he was working for us. He didn’t have some board of directors that was telling him how he needed to doctor, he was the boss and could do his own thing. I think a lot of times these reproduction medicine doctors at large hospitals have to follow certain rules and do the same protocols to each patient. Dr. Sherbohn’s clinic isn’t like that. They tailor to each patients needs. It is so not a one stop shop if you know what I mean.
      Let me know if I can be of anymore help or if you want to know any other information.


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