Advice from a Friend

The other day a fellow IVF sister reached out and asked me how I got through getting a negative beta result.

This is what I told her, I thought it might help someone else too.

If I am being completely honest, I cried a lot. I cried for what I lost, I cried for my husband, I cried for our parents, and then I took my time and just cried. I cried until my eyes were actually dry. Then slowly I started picking up the pieces one at time and took it day by day. No one ever knows the right words to say, in fact I don’t even know if there are right words. All I know is that the heartbreak you have, I have too. So I’m sending you a hug. It’s ok to cry, be angry, and want to just throw your hands in the air and declare infertility the winner. Curse your uterus and your body for letting you down. We got this and we aren’t going to let it keep us down. Grieve and when you are ready try again. I’m here fighting along side you. We will win and the victory is going to be the sweetest one we will ever know.

I hope that no matter where you are all in your journeys, you know that someone is there beside you walking the same one.

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