It’s all about the SHOTS!!!!


thumb_IMG_1045_1024Yesterday was operation pick up my meds and holy crap there sure was a lot of stuff.  It all seemed very overwhelming.   I was glad that today was our injection teaching class.  We met with a really nice nurse Andrea.  The class lasted about 40 minutes and we went through each shot, step by step with what we need to do.  She answered all our questions and reminded me that I can totally do this and if I need assistance with anything that I all have to do is call.

She went through a hypothetical scenario for the next phase.  I could possibly have the egg retrieval on June 1st, the transfer on June 6th, and then we would find out if it worked on June 13th.  If I have less than three eggs to transfer then I would have a day 3 transfer as they will want to get them back inside to hopefully continue to grow and attach.  If I have more than five eggs then they will do a day 5 transfer.

How exciting is all of that!!!  In a little over a month we could be PREGNANT!!!!  I know that we have A LOT of road to travel until we get there, but seriously how great would that be.

My Gram and I were so proud of Mate.  He did really well.  We didn’t actually get to inject anything into my stomach area today, just in these rubber pieces that we supposed to mimic my stomach.  Only one time did he tell me that his hands were sweating.  He is really starting to think that he will be able to give me them.  There is one medication that we have to mix together for use, I am a little worried about that one, but Mate did it like a pro!  My Gram kept tell me how proud she was of him.

Andrea explained that when I come for my baseline ultrasound on either day 2 or 3 of my upcoming cycle they will then determine the amount of each medication I will have to take.  My current list of medications are:

*Lupron – shot

*Follistim – shot

*Menopur – shot

*Progesterone – gel

*HCG Trigger Shot – This one I will do 34 hours prior to my egg retrieval only.

I will start Lupron on Wednesday night next week, so I have one week left to be shot free, and about a week and a half left of birth control pills.  I will continue the Lupron shots until the egg retrieval and will be adding in the Follistim and Menopur once I go for the baseline ultrasound.  Andrea did warn me that the Menopur does burn slightly at first, but then that feeling does away.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these meds?  Any tips or tricks?

I am also planning a giveaway.  When I get to a 100 Instagram followers I am going to have a giveaway.  I just picked up the cutest pineapple cup from Starbucks and I want to give someone out there one too, plus several other goodies.  As I get closer to 100 followers I will share more of the goodies.  If I can get to 200 followers I will up the giveaway to include two followers.  All you have to do is follow me on Instagram, @skramlik is my user name and there is a link on the sidebar.  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Things are getting exciting over here!



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