Stop Ahead…..


IMG_0891It is with a sad heart that I tell you all that our third and last round of IUI didn’t work.  On Thursday this week we will meet with our RE and begin discussions of starting the IVF process.

I am quite proud of myself, I didn’t have a breakdown at all when my period showed up after the last IUI.  I think part of me knew deep down that IVF was the route we were going to have to take all along.  Mate and I are working very hard at keeping our cool over the amount of needles that are about to be entering our lives.  While I think that I am much better about them than when we first started this process, Mate is still very uncomfortable with them.  I keep just trying to focus on the fact that we are doing all of this to have a baby.  Which to me is the best souvenir that this trip could hold. (Please don’t think that I am actually comparing a baby to a souvenir, just trying to make a cute road trip reference.)

From what I have read on IVF I have a few months before the actual “process” would start so I am trying my hardest to drop some weight.  The letrozole that I was on made me gain some additional weight that I really didn’t need to put on.  I figured that I have about three months to lose the weight.  I started 3 weeks ago and so far have lost 6 pounds, it doesn’t seem like a lot but Mate said that he can tell a difference.  Not sure if I believe him or not!  As a person who likes to eat when I get emotional,  I am trying to do workouts when I feel like that now instead of shoving food in my face.  The picture above is one I took when I was on a walk a few weeks ago.  It just happened to really jump out at me on that particular walk.  I was thinking about where we were heading in this journey and how even though we are ready to dive into IVF we were going to hit a “stop” or a waiting period before we could start.

I am pretty open about this whole process because I feel that if by sharing my story I can help one couple out there, that I will have a done something good.  All of this is an everyday struggle, it is not something that you ever stop thinking about.  It might not be my focus of every minute of everyday but it is always on my mind.  I hope that if you are also one of the couples that struggles with infertility know that you are not alone.  Even though I don’t personally know you, know that if you need someone to talk to, I am here and will listen.

On the road trip of life it is best to have all sorts of companions.  You need a driver and a co-pilot, but you also need a slew of characters that will enhance the ride.  Let’s be those characters for each other and kick the infertility part of journey to the curb!!





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