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Welcome to the Way We Go.

I’m Sarah and he’s Máté and together we make up Way We Go.  I’m a town gal from Wisconsin and he’s a village guy from Hungary.  To give you the back story on us here is how we met, fell in love and got married.

I was a sophomore in high school and my Dad was working for a company that was building machinery for a factory in Hungary.  He and several people that he worked with were asked to go there to help install the equipment and teach the workers how to use it, troubleshoot it, etc.  My Dad of course said yes and then plans were quickly under way for him to go.  I can’t remember exactly what month that this was but it was in at the end of 2000.  It was arranged that my Dad and his co-worker were going to stay in a village not far from the city that the factory was in.  It was through a worker at the factory that they found the house that they would live in for 3 months at a time with one person rotating to come home for about 2 weeks.

After my Dad got there and was settled, my parents decided that we would come and visit for two weeks in February of 2001.  Since there wasn’t much time in the evening for my Dad and his co-worker to go site seeing the person from the factory suggested that they visit the local pub.  I would like add that neither my Dad nor his co-worker could speak a lick of Hungarian.  Lucky for them most of the people at the factory could speak English.  Anyway, they would frequent this pub quite regularly, it was one night when the pub owner called for his son who just happened to be starting to learn English.  He thought that it would be nice for him to speak with native English speakers.  I think pretty quickly from there a friendship between my Dad and Máté was formed.  It was shortly there after that my Dad told Máté that we were coming to visit.  I remember my Dad telling me on the phone that he met this boy and thought that he was really nice and told him all about me and that he was excited to introduce us.  I am sure that you know any teenage girl would have been mortified of her Dad trying to set her up…..believe me I was also that girl.

So if I fast forward a bit we ended up meeting in the pub and since Máté had been only been just starting to learn English and I could “speak” some German we tried to communicate that way. One word, disaster.  My German was horrible and Máté’s was pretty much fluent, but because we wanted to communicate with each other so badly we did a lot of what we called dictionary talks.  Looking up the words we wanted to say so the other could understand.  Or we would use my sister-in-law to translate as she had been learning English since grade school.

During that two week trip we were almost inseparable. Máté would come with us on site seeing trips and I went to school with him one day.  I think that I was the best show and tell anyone could have had!  It was decided about half way through our trip that Máté and his sister would come that July to the states to visit.

Máté and I for the next several years would travel back and forth between my home in Wisconsin and his in Hungary.  We broke up for a 6 month period around the first semester of college, which would be 2003.  We then got back together after Máté sent me an email after I had my wisdom teeth taken out around December of 2003.  Since then we have been together non-stop!!

It was in 2005 that Máté made a big decision to move here and attend college.  It was in January of 2007 that we decided to get married.  We were married in Wisconsin in August of 2007 and had a large Hungarian wedding the following year in June.

Now here we are in 2016, starting this new blogging adventure.  We hope that this space with be a place that will give you a peak at our lives and will inspire you to take spontaneous trips, share some Hungarian culture, and give you a few laughs along the way.

Side note you should have heard the arguing that went on while writing this post!  🙂

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